Dance like Water

I can’t stop watching.


Sparkles loves Sparkles

While shopping for a semi formal dress, I find myself continually drawn towards the ultra-sparkly. As semi formal for my boyfriend is the night before our home coming game, this French Connection dress may be just the glitz I’m craving. With the eye art pictured below, I could pull together a look that is both classy and fun.

Get the look





If there is one thing about me that would be instantly realized upon entering my room, it would be my affinity for list making. Throughout my day I am never more than a few feet away from my planner (with perforated lists in the back, thank you Barnes & Noble), there are extra lists posted all around my place, and my trash can is full of little crumpled up balls of paper (so satisfying!).

With a new semester coming up (and my last football season), I want to take full advantage of the time I have left. To help myself along the way, I’ve compiled a list of goals for the semester. Nothing along the lines of grades or money, just fun things so that I will look back on the year and smile.

1. Pick a destination for a weekend road trip (maybe to my first away game?) and bring the boyfriend along.

2. Plan things for Sunday mornings.

3. Buy popsicles for my apartment.

4. Take advantage of Pinterest and all of its wonders. My first craft will be:

5. Try as many new burger places as possible (hello again, boyfriend).

6. Get back into my workout routine of the 100 Workout.

7. Buy a new game day dress and find a cute blazer for work.

8. Cook something at least once a week. Starting with these garlic chicken puffs!

9. Take advantage of finally being 21 by experiencing the nightlife of Atlanta.

10. Take enough pictures to fully document my last year!

Naughty and Nice

Falling in love with this lace wrap dress from NastyGal. I would love it paired with some black booties, simple jewelry, and a leather jacket. Semi-formal?

Laced Drape Dress - Pink

This is new.

I just had the urge to create a blog.

Not sure why.

But I did.

Not sure what this will become, hopefully a good outlet for day to day life and the things I love.

Goodnight little blog, until tomorrow.

This pretty place has been my home sweet home for the past 3 months